Apps Unveiled: December 2014

Apps Unveiled: December 2014

Apps Unveiled: December 2014

The holiday season is here! It’s time to travel. It’s time to take routes less travelled. It’s time to rejuvenate. So the travel apps are also ready to be your digital travel companion in every true sense. Hold on, you must be thinking that you already know about the travel apps that let you book bus, rail or flight tickets on the move. Well, you are not wrong! But there is another side too! And by that side, we mean travel planning apps and for which travel booking is just a small part of it. There are apps that can help you find last minute accommodations from the local hosts, organise your trips by creating an automatic itinerary for you, converse in the local language when travelling in unknown territories and give you an opportunity to explore unseen tourism destinations worldwide. Without further ado, explore the Appy Travelling section of this issue and become a smart and happy traveller. Oh, I mean “Appy Traveller”.

Wait, it’s not over yet! Considering “Selfie” trend, travelling without best selfie camera apps is somehow incomplete. And if you want to really stand out from all the other people taking selfies then there are some amazing apps that are now available. You know, there is an app that will turn your phone into selfie machine. Confused? Don’t be. The app recognises your hand gestures to click selfies from several feet away. Want to know the name of the app? Just take a look at Selfie Time section and get yourself the mind blowing selfie apps. And if you are a true blue foodie, then you just can’t ignore the Foodies Corner included in this issue. The apps like Zomato and Foodpanda let you explore food destinations in your vicinity. Needless to say, these apps come in handy in planning your Christmas and New Year celebrations, which are just around the corner.

What’s more, there is an app called Nanu, which lets you make free calls to landline and mobile, even on 2G. And that too is not limited to Nanu to Nanu calling. You can also call non-Nanu users. Sounds interesting? So just flip the pages and get to know more about it.

Ok, let me admit that fun doesn’t end here, but telling you so much will also ruin your fun! So go, ahead and explore a virtual world of mobile applications right away. Appy Reading 🙂


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