Cakes (Cake Recipes In a Jar)

Cakes (Cake Recipes In a Jar)

Cakes (Cake Recipes In a Jar)

Delicious cake recipes baked in a canning jar. Canning jar cakes make the perfect gift to give during the holidays or any special occasion.

Be creative and dress up the jars with items from a craft store for a fun creative way to surprise your friends.

Recipes included in the book are:

  • Zucchini Cake In a Jar
  • Cranberry Nut Cake In a Jar
  • Pumpkin Cake In a Jar
  • Ginger Cake In a Jar

Place your homemade cakes in a basket add some coffee, hot chocolate or tea packets for a great gift.

People have been canning food in a jar for years. These yummy and tasty cake treat in a jar are great for parties, personal gifts, office gifts or Christmas gifts. Buy this book today and enjoy making Cakes in a Jar that make the cutest homemade gifts.


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