Mac’s Dice Game

Mac’s Dice Game

Mac's Dice Game

Object: The object of Mac’s Dice Game is to fill all the squares on the game sheet before your opponent. The first one to fill all the squares in the winner.

How to Play: To select who goes first distribute a dice to each person, whomever roles the highest dice goes first. Gather the 6 dice. Each dice color and number is recorded on the game sheet. Each person rolls twice per turn. When a row on the game sheet has been filled remove that color dice from your turn. The first person to fill all the squares is the winner.

Contains: 6 colored dice (red, yellow, blue, green, black & white) 1 game sheet packet. Grab a few pencils and let the fun begin.

Age: 4 – 84 (keep dice out of reach of small children chocking hazard)

Players: 2 to 6 players (break up into teams if more people)

List Price: $ 13.00

Price: $ 13.00

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