Megaman: A Hero Is Born

Megaman: A Hero Is Born

Megaman: A Hero Is Born

Look out! A power-mad genius and his gang of evil robots are trying to take over the world, and no one can stop them…no one, that is, but MEGAMAN! He’s a young action hero with nerves of steel and a robot body and the power to mimic any weapon he sees and use it for the forces of good. Together with his robot sister Roll, and their faithful cyber-pooch Rush, Megaman jets into battle with fists and plasma-bolts flying! Watch them take on the meanest bunch of bionic fiends this side of the future, including the scissor-headed Cutman, the brawny Gutsman, and Megaman’s own robot brother Protoman, who’s vowed to turn our hero to the dark side or take him out of commission… permanently.


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