OWI USB Interface for Robotic Arm Reviews

OWI USB Interface for Robotic Arm

OWI USB Interface for Robotic Arm

  • Using your computer and the included USB cable and interface software command the Robotic Arm Edge with multiple movements and functions
  • Excellent introduction to robotics programming
  • Add as part of your home-school curriculum
  • Robotic Arm not included
  • OWI is the premier line of educational robotics kits

535-USB Features: -USB interface for robotic arm edge. -Connect the robotic arm edge to a windows personal computer USB port. -Allow real time interactive control, plus contains a built-in interactive script writer. -May be saved and loaded from disk just like any other standard computer file. Gender: -Boy. Category: -Construction & Building. Generic Specifications: -May write a script that contains up to 99 individual robotic arm functions into a single script file. Generic Dimensions: -8.25” H x 2” W x 6” D. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -8.25 Inches. Overall Width – Side to Side: -2 Inches. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -6 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -1 Pounds.; From the Manufacturer; Add OWI USB Interface for Robotic Arm Edge and have real time manual control of the robotic arm and program the arm to perform a sequence of movements. Command the robotic arm gripper to open and close, radial wrist motion of 120 Degree, an extensive elbow of 300 Degree, base rotation of 270 Degree, base motion of 180 Degree, vertical reach of 15 inches, horizontal reach of 12.6 inches and lifting capacity of 100g. Some of the added features include a search light design on the gripper and an audible safety gear indicator is included on all 5 gear boxes to prevent potential injury or gear breakage during operation. Total command and visual manipulation using the “5’s”, five-switch wired controller, 5 motors, 5 gear boxes, and 5 joints. For ages 10 and up. ROBOTIC ARM NOT INCLUDED.

List Price: EUR 76,40

Price: EUR 76,40

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