RC Quadcopter GPS – JYU Hornet S HornetS Racing With Goggles & Gimbal With 12MP HD Camera

RC Quadcopter GPS – JYU Hornet S HornetS Racing With Goggles & Gimbal With 12MP HD Camera

Hornet S 
Category Module Specs Specs Value
Hornet S (Battery Charger) Voltage 12.6V
Rated Power 20W
WiFi Relay Operation Frequency 2.4G
Communication Distance 1000m
EIRP FCC: 27 dBm;   CE: 20 dBm
Gimbal Controllable Range +20 — -90
Angle Range 0.05
Operating Current Static state: 100mA
Input Voltage 8V
Operating Temperature 0-40?
Weight 158g(included camera)
Size(Including Damping Device) 60mm*70mm*85mm    
Intelligent Flight Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Voltage 11.1V
Battery Type LiPo Battery
Energy 27.75Wh

Net Weight 190g
Operating Temperature 0-40?
Max Charging Power 50W
Battery Life 20mins
Discharging Temperature 0-40?
Quadcopter Weight (Including Battery And Propellers) 550g
Take Off Weight 1kg
Max Ascent Speed 10m/s
Max Descent Speed 5m/s
Max Speed 120km/s
Max Altitude Above Sea Level 4km
Max Flight Time 20-25 minutes
Operating Temperature 0-40?
Max Rotating Angular Velocity 180 deg
Hover Accuracy(Safety Fly Mode) 1m
Wheelbase 280mm
Diagonal Size (Including Propellers) 295mm
Propeller Type 6030
Motor Specs 2204
Live View Mobile App  
EIRP 100 mW
Power Spectral Density 6.9mW/MHz
Operating Frenquency 2.4GHz ISM
Live View Quality 480P @ 25fps
Latency 200ms
Required Operating Systems iOS 8.0 or later
Android 4.1.2 or later
Recommended Devices •iOS

Camera(Suitable for Club Carema)) Sensor SONY IMX078
Lens HD optical glass aspheric lens/F2.8 /150°wide angle
ISO Range video:1600/400 Photo:400/200/100 
Shutter Speed Auto
Image Max Size 12.4M(4072 × 3044)
Still Photography Modes Auto
Video Recording Modes 1920*1080P 24/25/30FPS
1280*720P   50/60FPS
640*480P 25/30FPS
Supported File Formats JPEG h.264 codec/MP4
Supported SD Card Types TF(Micro_SD): 8G – 32G
Operating Temperature 0-50?
  FPV Specs                 Resolution              700 TVL
                   Angle                 120 degree
               Live View Pattern        Simulation Live View
                Live View Frequency                 5.8G
                   Display              4.3′ LCD
              FPV Glass(Opitonal) 16/9 72 Virtual Display,480*240(Resolution)
Size of quad(LxWxH):232x232x63mm
Size of transmitter(LxWxH):155x131x127mm
Size of gimbal(LxWxH):150x138x93mm
Battery Life: 22 mins 
Software:Hornet S Configuration Software

* 120km/h high speed overflew the FERRARI racing supercar.
* Dual GPS auto positioning system, the accurate positioning location, perfect advanced follower. 
* Intelligent battery could extend fly time for about 20 minutes, removable battery are easy for change.
* Two antennas on the top of the transmitter to ensure a stable radio coverage.                               
* FPV Goggles in a wide angle to give you a visual impact.
* 3-Axis Gimbal make shooting and taking video more stable.
*Colorful led light to distinguish the direction of quadcopter and Flight mode,show the battery’s reminding.

*Basic version:  The camera module and gimbal module can be added.The transmitter with bulit-in 5.8G receiver can connect to monitor,
  and connect to your phone through a profession APP.(The APP will release in September)

*FPV version: Can support your own monitor.Do not have SD card and can not record video.

*Gimbal version: Gimbal module in the gimbal version can be removed away,and camera  module can be added to create a racing FPV quadcopter. 
  Gimbal version comes with 5.8G Transmitter,can FPV,you just need to add a  monitor or connect to your phone.

Package included:

Basic Version:
1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
1 x  Transmitter
1 x  Battery
FPV Version:
1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
1 x FPV 700 TVL Camera
1 x 4.3? FPV LCD Screen 
1 x  Transmitter
1 x  Battery
Camera  Gimbal  Version:
1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
1 x 12MP Camera
1 x Brushless Gimbal 
1 x Landing Gear 
1 x  Transmitter
1 x  Battery
Goggles  Version:
1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
1 x FPV 700 TVL Camera 
1 x FPV Goggles
1 x  Transmitter
1 x  Battery

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