Robert Paterson: Eternal Reflections

Robert Paterson: Eternal Reflections

Robert Paterson: Eternal Reflections

Eternal Reflections is a collaboration between Musica Sacra, one of America’s greatest professional choirs, Music Director Kent Tritle, and award-winning composer Robert Paterson. This is the first album dedicated entirely to Paterson’s choral music, and all works on the album are world-premiere recordings. This beautiful album was recorded at the world-famous Academy of Arts and Letters in New York City, and produced by multi-Grammy winning producer Adam Abeshouse.

The works on the album include everything from secular to sacred works, from serious to lighthearted and even humorous. Lux Aeterna, written specifically for Musica Sacra and Kent Tritle, is a setting of excerpts of text from the Requiem Mass. Eternal Reflections was originally commissioned by the Volti Choir of San Francisco and the winning work of the Cincinnati Camerata Composition Competition, and includes settings of texts by Czeslaw Milosz, Mary E. Frye and Paul Lawrence Dunbar. The Essence of Gravity, also commissioned by Volti, is a set of four movements using onomotopeia words as texts. The movements are inspired by aspects of gravity,both physical and emotional, on subjects as diverse as war, love, the ocean and outer space.

A Dream within a Dream was commissioned by the Chamber Choir of Europe and is a setting of the text of the same name by Edgar Alan Poe. Life is But A Dream: also commissioned by CCE, is based on Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and incorporates multiple translations of this famous round in different languages. Suite from A New Eaarth (for orchestra, chorus and narrator) was written for the VYOA Choir during a Music Alive! New Music USA residency. This piece touches on environmental issues and global warming; text by Wendell Berry, James Joyce, Percy Bysshe Shelly and William Wordsworth. Did You Hear? addresses the life of teens and the consequences of rumors and gossip, with an original text by David Cote. Snow Day was commissioned by the Pelham Memorial High School Choir, and expresses the joy of having a day off from school; text by David Cote.

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