Smart Bidet Sm 300 Reviews

Smart Bidet Sm 300

Smart Bidet Sm 300

  • Easy installation and safe to use
  • No battery or electricity
  • Hot and Cold Water
  • fits all 2-piece toilets and most 1-piece toilets
  • small and light

* Water Supply – Direct Connection to the water Mains * Cleansing Nozzle – Horizontal Sliding Single Nozzle with Cover * Material – ABS, PP, PE, Silicone * Size – Nozzle: L115 x W80 x H60(mm), Controller: L72 x W64 x H62(mm) * Length of the hose – 4M(= 13.12ft = 157.48inch) hose included * Made in korea, 2014 * Weight – 530g(Original box with all parts) * Installation – Fits all 2-piece toilets and most1-piece toilets * What’s in the box – All parts, Installation manual, ⅜”connector(metal) 2pcs, Teflon tape 1pc * Suction Cup(plastic type) – 2pcs for Nozzle Unit, 1pc for Controller * T-adaptors – ½”(inch) T-valve adaptor(2pcs), ⅞”(inch) T-valve adaptor(1pc) * all-in-one Suction Cup and double-sided tape

List Price: $ 34.50

Price: $ 39.00

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