Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D Printing Doodle Printer Pen with FREE 30G ABS Filament (Blue)

Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D Printing Doodle Printer Pen with FREE 30G ABS Filament (Blue)

Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D Printing Doodle Printer Pen with FREE 30G ABS Filament (Blue)

  • Used to make crafts, school projects, home decor, gifts, and much more!
  • 0.4-0.7 mm copper nozzle for fine 3D freehand drawing (Tip is very hot)
  • Draw on paper or in thin air, or trace and connect to create 3D masterpieces
  • Safe and accurate – thanks to its fast cool technology
  • Included:3D stereoscopic printing pen;12V 3A Power Adapter;free filaments (ABS) 10g each(Yellow, Blue, Black)

The color of FREE 30 G ABS Filament is Random delivery

First.Product Parameters:

Extrusion : hot melt extrusion molding accumulation

Forming: three-dimensional 

Print Range : indefinite

Spinning speed : Adjustable

Heating temperature in the range :160- 250 degrees Adjustable

Device operating voltage : 12V 3A

Nozzle :0.4 -0.7mm

Second, Interested groups:

Painters, product designers , hobbyists , children, students, etc.

Third, the design highlights:

1 .Prolonged use doesn’t cause FLAC fatigue.

  2 The product is lightweight design: a slim (easy to handle) design . Currently on the market there are several 3D stereoscopic pen, but they are not very comfortable to use i.e bulky, heavy weight, is not conducive to hold control operation.

3 Control: . For some of the design and operation of three-dimensional defects pen on the market , we believe our pen provides users to operate when arbitrary.

4 heating coil and a nozzle cartridge design . In the development stage, we compared the purchase of several products on the market and found these products in the strict sense, is a failure of design , in terms of appearance and use.

  5,The temperature adjustable design . Similarly, we find autopsy on the market for only several print pen : the temperature is fixed design , which gives the user tries to use without melting point of drawing supplies a great deal of distress. The real product , need more consideration for users .

6. Intelligent standby- functional design.

Fourth, the product packing list :

A 3D stereoscopic printing pen

B 12V 3A Power Adapter

C free filaments (ABS) 10g each

List Price: $ 150.00

Price: $ 39.88

Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen for 3D Drawing and Doodling Blue

Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen for 3D Drawing and Doodling Blue

  • 1. Draw in the air and create 3D masterpieces.
  • 2. Ultra light,65g, Perfect for children, designer, artist and hobbyist.
  • 3. It is lightweight in design and has easier speed control.
  • 4. 3 loops of 1.75mm ABS filament included.
  • 5. Original Scribbler 3D Pen is sold by Samto Store only.

Thank you for choosing Samto’s products, for your best experience of the 3D printer pen!!!!

3D Printer Pens are the latest development in 3D printing technology.

The 3D pen is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D modelling – from the newest beginner to the most seasoned expert. The only limitation of 3D drawing is your imagination!

The Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen Package includes as follow:

-1x Blue 3D Printing Pen

-1x 110-240V USA Power Adapter

-3x 1.75mm ABS Filament with different colors, 10 gram per loop

-1x Operation instruction booklet

-1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Product Features

-Intelligence auto standby mode after 5 minutes idling

-Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm

-Power input: 12V 3A

-Heating temperature: 160-230 degree adjustable

-With advanced thermal management, filaments jamming detection, and super silence design

-The slender pen body suits hands habit

-The stepless speed change by single hand

-Create freestyle 3D objects

-Plastic heats up and then cools to a solid shape

-Endless creative opportunities

-Makes a wonderful gift for creative children and adults


1. This device is suitable for children over 8 years old and adult use; Children should use it under the tutelage of adult.

2. The painting pen nib and the near area are dangerous high temperature area, the highest temperature can reach 230 degree, do not touch the nib with hands or touch others objects with the nib.

3. Keep at safety place after using to prevent from high falling or children touching.

List Price: $ 199.99

Price: $ 59.99

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