The Tejanos: The Preview

The Tejanos: The Preview

The Tejanos: The Preview

This novel is a coming-of-age love story of two young people, Frankie Ramos and Cindy Moreno. Born to the harsh reality of migrant families, they each face adversities that tests their mettle to reveal true character.

They are separated by tragedy. One of them is given a life of privilege, and the other is left to break the chains of poverty through hard work, long nights, and few breaks.

The story weaves a rich tapestry of our Tejano experiences. Drawing a heavy, deep breath from our cultural achievements through hard work, justice, experience, and the true beauty of love, pain, and friendship.

Music has always been the liberator of the human spirit.

Ours is a struggle, and this us a metaphor of our perseverance.


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