UC3 Efectos especiales de iluminación y Controlador Universal Equipo

UC3 Efectos especiales de iluminación y Controlador Universal Equipo

UC3 Efectos especiales de iluminación y Controlador Universal Equipo

  • Basic 3 Button Controller For Many American Dj Effect And Intelligent Lights Wired 30 Ft Cable Included
  • Access Built In Programs And Black Units Out
  • Slave Additional Units Off The Master To Synch The Show

UC3 Easy-To-Use 3 switch controller for various American DJ Fixtures Angle View Angle View UC3 is compatible with the following American DJ lighting fixtures:Atmospheric RG LED, Aquarius 250; Color Burst 8; Color Burst 8 DMX; Comscan LED; Dekker LED; DJ Scan 250EX; Diversa Ray, DJ Spot LED; Double Feature; Dual Scan RG; Electra LED DMX; Emerald Scan II; Fusion FX Bar 2; Fusion FX Bar 3; Fusion FX Bar 4; Fusion FX Bar 5; Fusion TRI FX Bar; Fusion Scan 250EX; Galaxian; Galaxian 3D; Galaxian Move; Galaxian Royale; Galaxian Sky; Globe Color; H2O DMX Pro; Hyper Gem LED; Hypnotic RGB; Jellydome; Jellyfish; LED Beam Scan; LED Messenger; LED Trispot; Majestic LED; Mega Pixel Arch; Mega Pixel LED; Nebula; Nucleus LED; Nucleus Pro; Pearl LED Color; Pearl LED WH; Profile Panel; Reflex Pulse LED; Revo I; Revo II; Revo III; Revo 4; Revo Rave; Revo Roll LED; Revo Scan LED; Revo Sweep; Revo Xpress; Royal 3D; Royal Sky; Spherion TRI LED; Theatrix PRO 48 LED; Tripleflex; Verti Color; Vertigo TRI LED; Quad Color; Quad Phase; Revo Burst; VioMoon LED; VioRoll LED; VioScan LED; Wave; X-Color LED; X-Color LED Plus; X-Move LED; X-Move Laser; X-Move LED Plus; X-Move LED Plus R; X-Scan LED; X-Scan LED Plus; Xpress LED. Specifications: The UC3 provides easy-to-use control of various American DJ lighting fixtures. Visit www.americandj.com for the latest up to date compatible lighting fixture list.Mode Selection: Different run modes, e.g. fast/slow, audio/manual/ auto, position, latch, etc., correspond to different functionsFunction Selection: Implements a wide variety of effects, like strobe, X/Y moving pattern selection, gobo/ color changing, X/Y position setting, etc. Functions vary with different fixturesDimensions: 3.54″x2.36″x.78″ / 90x60x20mmCable length: Approx. 32 ft. / 9.75 mmConnection: 1/4 Stereo plugWeight: 1 lbs. / .45 kgs.

List Price: $ 46.48

Price: $ 46.48

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